Welcome to my personal website!

I am a policy researcher & an impact analyst with extensive and diverse experience working with think tanks, international development and multilateral organizations, academia and businesses.

With one foot in the policy research and the other foot in the development sector (as both impact analyst and intervention manager), I gained rich insights, knowledge and understanding of economic interventionism. I explore and strive to understand patterns of socioeconomic outcomes of economic interventions by observing both policy-level changes & measures and small-scale interventions performed by non-governmental organizations. This has been enhanced by my MA-level education in the field of public and environmental economics.

My work is primarily focused on the labour market and employment, economic development (focusing on inclusive and sustainable market system development) and industrial & innovation policies.

I am also interested in complexity economics and the application of data science in economic research and modelling.

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If you want to contact me, please send email to amar.numanovic@gmail.com or send a message via some of the social networks I use.