Shedding Light on the Shadows: Exploring Informal Economy in Four South-East Europe Countries

I am happy to share with you the study on the shadow economy in four SEE countries published by Sarajevo-based think tank Centre for Policy and Governance (CPU). I was the lead author and I had the opportunity to collaborate with a great team of researchers on this project.

I believe this is one of the most comprehensive research on the shadow economy in this region, so I hope it will help policy analysts and policymakers to better understand trends, drivers of the shadow economy and weaknesses of the existing policy measures aimed at combating informalities.

We have explored informal markets in the selected economies, investigated drivers for engaging in informal activities and provided policy recommendations for reducing the informal sector. The study comprises findings of both primary and secondary research. Primary research included a quantitative survey on a representative sample of around 4 thousand respondents across four countries. Data collection was conducted in May and June 2019. 

The research methodology was developed in cooperation with the Lithuanian Free Market Institute based on its original research concept and design.

Executive summary is available HERE, and full Report is available HERE.


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