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Available also in BHS
Available also in BHS
Available also in BHS

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Fakat Važno Podcast: The Shadow Labour Market
Fakat Važno Podcast: The Shadow Goods Market

Fakat Važno Podcast: Drivers of the Shadow Economy
Presentation on Brain Drain in the Parliament of the Federation of BiH


Svaka treća osoba u regiji koja ostane bez posla spremna za sivu ekonomiju

Articles & Blog Posts

HELVETAS MOSAIC: Increasing Employers’ Role in Childcare, and How Development Organizations Can Offer Support
Mitigating the Impacts of COVID-19 on the Youth
Seizing the COVID-19 Moment for Improving the Care Economy: Reflections from Albania & Bosnia-Herzegovina
Klin se klinom izbija: šta donosi novi prijedlog oporezivanja rada u FBiH
Holding the bull by its horns in Bosnia & Herzegovina: Tackling Structural Unemployment in the Labour Market
Active labour market measures in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Solving instead of amortising the unemployment issue
The Challenge of Telling Good Stories: How Helpful Is “Data Visualisation” for Development Practitioners?
Why policy advocates should pay more attention to data visualization?
Data Science: The Next Frontier for Data-Driven Policy Making?