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Why policy advocates should pay more attention to data visualization?

This article was originally published on PolicyHub (September 12, 2017). 
Digital age is characterized by growing challenge: how to ensure that the produced information reach intended audience, considering immense amount of information that are daily disseminated and circulating on the web? How to ensure that the information is properly decoded having in mind that information overload is narrowing our time for information processing and reducing our commitment to particular content? Decentralization (and democratization) of information and knowledge production, due to emergence of contemporary information and communication technologies (ICT), especially of the so-called new media — i.e. media that supports interactive, two-way and networked communication, such as social networks, blogs etc. — has resulted in ‘content explosion’. Every person with access to internet has the opportunity to create and share information. In that sense, contemporary ICT allows relatively simple, quick and cheap content creation.

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The challenge of telling good stories: how helpful is “data visualisation” for development practitioners?

Zenebe Uraguchi and I on the challenge of telling good stories:

In this blog post, we ask to what extent innovative communication forms and channels can help development practitioners to present content in a simple, easy-to-digest and time-saving manner. We discuss how data visualization, which is a form of communication that draws particular attention by representing data in a visual context, like a chart or a map, can enhance data-driven messages.

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